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    Hey, love the fact this site is free and the wealth of info that’s available. I’ve been matched betting 4 years and trading 2 years. Trading is going ok but always come back for a bit of matched betting.


    Hi I’m Alex, I started matched betting and doing risk-free and positive expectancy casino offers at the beginning of 2018 which still provides with some profits although not as much these days. I plan to become a full time trader and I do this every day but I’m still not quite yet consistent with it



    I have been learning to trade for a few months and still open to learning a lot of new ideas to help with making money.


    Hi all I am Chris. I have been dabbling with trading and match betting for a few years with mixed results. Hoping to learn more and move into regular profit soon…


    Hi Everyone I’m Vitor from Portugal, but currently living in London 🙂

    Betting experience

    I have been trading for the last 5 years

    Goals you may have

    I had to restart again on Betfair, I’m starting slowly. Trying to double my bank every 6 months

    What you plan to do with your profits!

    Nothing fancy, maybe a better drumkit, and be able to pay for a tour 🙂


    I dabble with trading, and have moderate success when left to focus!


    Hello. My name is David. I’ve been trading for years. It is now my largest income source. I am trying to enter this comp, described as the easiest ever, but I still don’t know what is is all about. Have I done the graviatar thing? I followed the link and put in some details, but I never chose an image for my avatar!

    Caan says its all very simple, but I can assure him…it is not clear at all.



    Hello my name isn’t trigger,  been learning to trade on betfair and got mixed results! And that’s why I’m here, with the aim to build a trading bank. And take a bit off those greedy bookies…  


    Hi All, 

    Spent four years trading part-time and doing some matched betting. Currently just doing the odd bit of matched betting and trading to keep my hand in.  Looking forward to retiring and starting to trade again more seriously.  



    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been in this game for a long while, gambling, arbing, trading and still at it, still learning and still loving every minute….will get to the end of the tunnel, eventually!!



    I’m a wannabe trader that still hasn’t got to grips with how to lose small but also win small often. Hope this site will help.


    Hi all! 

    I’m trying one more time to success on trading. Will be this one the ONE?

    My goal is to make a grand or so a month, like a nice side income, you know? 🙂

    PR Support

    Competition results will be revealed shortly! Stay tuned and please check back.

    Thank you to all who entered.


    Hi I’m Richard. Started Match betting at the end of July 2019. Getting to the end of the easy stuff. I  have dabbled in trading. Not done much else but matched betting, watching videos, trading startergies etc etc. It’s been fantastic for me. Really love this site and appreciate the fact is is free. Well done and thanks.



    🤗🤗🤗Yupiiiiiii 🤗🤗🤗


    Thanks very much, will get kids something nice for xmas !!!

    Quick update on matched betting….

    Only few sign up offers left for me, big ones like bet365 for example. I have left some cash in bookies who offers free bet clubs. Im going to concentrate on them in near future.

    Overall 237 GBP profit, not a bad figure for ammount of work i put into it. My partner have used so many bookies and bonuses in past (…one per household :/ )so im missing out on few good offers, but im happy enough i got majority of them.

    My plan is to do 30-40 GBP a week. My time is greatly limited, i have 2 toddlers here and i can only do a bit when i put them to bed. I think that figure is achievable at the minute.

    If i had more time i think i could easily reach 100 GBP per week figure.

    Anyways, even 30 GBP a week its over 1500 GBP, and thats a nice holiday, on bookies expense 😁


    Good luck everyone !!!



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