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    The Geek

    Moving to the UK whilst you still can seems to be the best solution.



    I’m Paul, fairly new to the whole matched betting and trading thing. Trying to make a few extra £’s any tips/help would be appreciated, thank you.


    Hi everyone I’m Scott, been doing matched betting for around 5 months and do some football trading when time allows. I’m a foster carer and usually have a bit of time on my hands during naps handy to make a few quid! 


    Loving the new additions to the site look forward to not having to use profits to pay for other subscriptions!


    Hi,  Im Peter. Been betting for a few years (apprx 4). My goal is to be perfect football trader. What would i do with my profit ? Invest it !


    Hi people I go by the name of Tex and although I intended to post something here (really) I was spurred to action by the prospect of winning a £100 amazon card.  I have been doing this for a couple of months and am taking it slowly.  My profits are consequently rather modest but I shall see how it goes.  I have seen Caan on YouTube and he seems a nice, genuine dude.  The most difficult thing so far was assigning an avatar.  Still not sure if I have done that.  Good luck everyone and let’s all help each other out!


    Nick (w@ldo_trades on twitter)

    Maths Teacher, Ex Bookie, Wannabe Sports Trader and Match Bettor.

    Looking for any help/pointers i can get 


    Hi I’m Rich, I’m an existing customer of Caan’s, and I’m here for the £100 voucher… 😛


    hi ime frankie retired but luving it..spend a lot of time on betfair..just changed my software from cymatic to Geeks Toy…its much better.


    Hi, Im Roddy been full time matched bettor for 3 years now and part time for 2 years before that. As others have said it is getting more difficult these days but the profit is still there if you look hard enough.

    Looking to get into trading horses and football to see if I can set up an additional income stream eventually.

    Good luck all – NB Caan and Geeks Toy – excellent site well done and keep it up!


    Roy Dickens

    Hi I’m Roy.


    Been matched betting for a couple of years on and off. It’s nice to see a free site giving out useful help to us novices.


    Wow great to see so many new faces! I think I introduced myself already but thought I should comment to be sure.

    The OddsBeater

    Hi there My name is Graham

    Good Luck everyone!  


    Hi, my name is Mark and I started out MB about a year ago. Did all the signup offers and did some reloads for a while. Got gubbed by a few of the normal bookies, bet365 etc. Getting into the swing of scalping now, and a few B2Ls. Nice to be here, love the new site!


    Hello everyone. I’ve been matched betting for a few years using a site I pay money to use so the idea of a free site appeals. 

    I also like to wear a tinfoil hat and be in disguise when I’m matched betting as I’m convinced the bookies will be watching me! 


    Hi, I’m John, 46, been match betting and trading for a few years. Bankroll is grim!

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 111 total)
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