Matched Betting is Not Gambling.


See how you can turn bookmakers promotions into tax-free income with our 3 step formula…



Find a promotional offer.


Qualify with minimal risk.


Convert the promotion into cash.

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Matched Betting is the process of turning bookmakers promotions into withdrawable tax-free cash.

You can do this by finding offers, matching prices on different platforms, and placing bets against eachother.

This process is explained in more detail with the 3 points below.

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    1: Find a Promotional Offer

    First you need to find a promotional offer of value.

    For example: ‘Bet £20 to Get a £20 Free Bet’

    You can do this yourself without our help, although we have hundreds of existing sign-up offers listed and a daily calendar that is updated every day, providing new offers.

    2: Qualify with Minimal Risk

    To qualify for the free bet you must complete a qualifying action.

    For example: ‘Bet £20 to Get…’

    To take the risk out of qualifying, you must match the price between two different providers on opposing outcomes. This means each bet cancels the other out, leaving you the bonus.

    We provide price matching software and calculators so you can do this easily.


    3: Convert the Promotion into Cash

    Now you have gained a free bet bonus without the risk of losing money. In some instances the qualification phase may have cost you a few pence, but that’s okay because you’re about to get a £20 free bet.

    You could choose to use the free bet, although we advise you guarantee a profit by repeating the process with the free bet. To do this the maths is slightly different.

    We give you more price matching software options and calculators to do this.


    It may seem daunting at first but it’s extremely simple.

    To help you through every step of the journey we have a comprehensive set of video guides and a support community to help.

    You can even keep track of how much money you have made with your accounts profit tracer.

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