Profit Tracer


Good record keeping makes it easier to see where you’re excelling. Here’s a helping hand..

Keeping track of which accounts, bets and promotional offers you’ve had can get confusing.

With our Profit Tracer tool you can keep track of all your bets. Recent or previous, it allows you to keep all of the important information you need within your personal account.

Start tracing your progress for FREE now!


Trace your profit over the lifetime of your account and the last 30 days.


Individually edit each bet entry manually at any time.


Filter and sort your bets to see which have been most profitable.


Record bet types, times, dates, bookmakers, exchanges and returns.


Keep track easily via your Profit Rush account without any complicated spreadsheets.

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Support Network

We know that things can look overwhelming on first glance. However, the process is surprisingly easy when you know how. For this reason we’re making a special effort to connect our users, forming a support network that helps you on every step of your journey…