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    New to Matched Betting? Just joined the community?

    Don’t be shy… say hello. Introduce yourself and give us a little background info!

    Not sure what to write? A few ideas…

    • First Name / Nickname
    • Betting experience
    • Goals you may have
    • What you plan to do with your profits!

    Note: we advise users don’t disclose their full name on the community forums as the details could be used by various bookmakers in order to close restrict and close accounts early. And we don’t want that…

    You can edit your forum alias by clicking on your name and changing the various fields. Alternate options will then appear in the dropdown.


    Profile 42

    Hi I’m “42” the answer to life, the universe and everything haha! (hitchhikers guide to galaxy nerd).

    I’ve been matched betting, arbing and trading for quite a while. Here to help out as a moderator on the forums so if you have any questions please do ask.

    I used to bet but found this was a far better way to make a return. I’ve done quite well and achieved several goals already so for me it’s just a steady sideline and bit of fun now. I look forward to speaking to everyone on the forum soon.


    hey I’m nick have been matched betting and trading on and off for a couple of years now, great to have everything we need for free I hope it stays that way!



    My nickname is JJ. Privileged to be one of the first to try out the site I think it’s going to make a big difference to anyone interested in matched betting. My goals are to make a side income of £500+ a month from this and some other betting. I make around £250 monthly so the extra help is welcome.



    First post here as a matched bettor here, do some arbing and each-way markets in my spare time too. I would say I am a bit of a veteran in betting so happy to help others succeed too. Have relaxed on my goals after paying off my mortgage early, that was a big one. Great to be here!



    I’ve been matched betting for 3-4 years, done well from it. Wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m advanced but I know the ropes. Have had a look around and can’t believe it’s free great work!



    Hi I’m scotty I have been matched betting for two years on and off. Its been great as I have paid for holidays and given me more money to spend on the kids. I mainly do reload offers now but will drop in on the forum every now and then!


    Hi I’m Caz! I have been matched betting for 5 months. I have two little ones so it helps with extra treats I have done most of the bet x and get x offers and am moving on to the risk free offers. The site looks brilliant thank you!



    Hi, I’m into my 8th full year Matched Betting. Still plodding along, but will venture more into trading in the future, I’ve dabbled over the years trading Greyhounds/Horses/Football/Tennis. Site look great.


    8 years? that is a long time maximum. Do you mind me asking how much it has made you over the whole 8 year period?


    Hi All,

    I have been matched betting on and off for about 8 months, I am also just dipping my toe in trading.

    This site looks great and it’s FREE!!!


    Hello, Im Bookieross,

    Ive been a subscriber to CaanBerry for some years, I’ve mostly traded, bet and laid over the years. its been a very long time since I did any matched betting, in fact when I think about it the last time I bonus hunted, to qualify for a £30 free bet you had to turn it over 100 times to release it.


    Hey everyone,

    I’ve dabbled with matched betting before, and done most of the main offers. Found it too time consuming for the returns on offer, and generally am more of a traditional bettor, on football, but as a big fan of Caan, and (for the time being at least), as the site is free, thought I’d get involved. Good luck everyone!

    The Geek

    Hello I’m The Geek, and I make cool betting toys.



    I’m Rob. I’ve done a bit of matched betting and do a bit of trading automation stuff too.

    Nice to see a free service as I’m sure it’s win-win for all involved. Great stuff 😉

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