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    Hello all, my name’s Andy and i’ve been matched betting for about 3 years. I was briefly full time but decided to get a part time job, just incase. Absolutely love the freedom it brings, and enjoy helping other people out so if anyone wants to talk then im always available for a chat!

    Love the website too caan, hope it goes well.

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    Matt here – been MBing for 2 or 3 years, so have lost most of the main accounts now. Still looking to make a few quid here & there though…things like arbitrage bets, New Account Offers (when a new bookie springs up), and the odd offer from one of the few accounts I still have left.

    I should really do more dabbling in Lowrisk Casino, but it usually means trawling through all the T&Cs of each offer beforehand, coz I find a lot of the offers just aren’t worth doing.

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    Welcome! I’m sure the forum will be glad of your expereince 🙂


    Hi I been match betting over 17 years. It is possible if you know enough people! It is a lot harder now than ages ago though. Although the markets weren’t as liquid then and there was not offer like 2up. There were many offers of £50 free welcome bet and £200, £100 welcome bets though


    Hello, new here but not to matched betting even if I am now running very short of accounts. Have begun sports trading as well under the tutorlidge of a very smart mentor so I am combining the two when time allows, it seemed the natural progression. Work as a cabin crew member so cant focus on daily offers I just jump on things when I can and try to make the best of what I can.

    Hopefully this will be a fun new forum as some others have perhaps turned a little toxic over time.


    Hi folks, I’m Dazza.  I’ve posted a few times already but thought I’d introduce myself a wee bit.

    I’ve been doing matched betting for over a year, profited somewhere around £7K but profits have been a lot slimmer over the last 6 months as I’ve been restricted by most popular bookmakers.

    Although profits are smaller these days, I still have a couple of tricks to find an edge over the bookies and bring in a few quid.

    I’m always happy to help others in their pursuit of riches.


    I’m Caan, I trade betting odds on the exchanges and start useful websites 🙂



    I’m new to match betting but thought I would try it when a freind said the site was free. I dont know much about betting unless it is how to put £2 on the grand national. If I can make some extra money at all I will be happy. I always need new shoes!




    L0U (or Lou) here, I’m learning pre-race horse trading courtesy of Mister B above, and hoping matched betting will help me build a decent bank and get me some more diving gear 🙂

    I’ve been writing code for financial institutions for the last 23 years and figure it is time for me to sit back and enjoy life for a bit.


    Hi Everyone

    Rosie here. I’m 62 a grandmother of 6 live in the UK. I’m a photographer.

    I was going to have a go at scalping and started off a week ago watching videos on that and came across Caan. Impressed with his straightforward and honest attitude. Then I saw on the FB page a notice about this so instead of going into scalping I drifted over here, so here I am.

    I have done MB before a couple of years ago. I went as far as doing the new sign up offers and then stopped as the MB site I was using went into accumulators and casino offers. Accu’s I didn’t really get to grips with and I hate those spinning games!

    I’m pleased to see that there are quite a few new Bookies I haven’t used so will be able to do a few new sign up offers. Hopefully with the help from you more experienced folk I’ll be able to try some of the more complicated trades.

    I’ve watched all the videos already and learned a few new things. I shall hopefully get started tomorrow. My plan is to hopefully go through the calender the night before if it’s published then? Then put my trades on in the morning. And collect my winnings in the evening lol.

    Anyway that’s me!

    It’s good to be here.


    Hi I’m Mark.

    Have done some Matched Betting and Betfair Trading before. No reason why I shouldnt do some more with the free access!


    Hi all,

    I’m Steve and have dipped my toe in and out of Matched Betting over the last couple of years. I want to find time to constantly get returns from this and achieve circ. £400/month (holiday fund). I found in the past that the return on offers drop when large events are not on and I lose motivation. I think this free tool may be a fresh start


    Hi all. I am FoG!

    PR Support

    Welcome to all the new arrivals!

    Please see how to update your forum avatar here.

    We look forward to reading your posts on the community.



    Hello all I am spartacus77,

    I am new, the idea of PROFIT RUSH is awazing but I am french resident, almost bookmarkers are prohibited. Do you have maybe a solution? Best Regards,

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