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    Rox, just over 2 years..


    Hi ,

    Lupe here, have been doing PA (Profit Accumulator) for a couple of months, won about £800, got lucky on a casino offer.

    Have closed down PA, as lack of sport, have been reading up & watching Caan on youtube, so I am also thinking about going into trading, just have plucked up the courage to buy the course, hoping in the future trading can give me a full-time wage/job, as I only need to clean £2000 a month to live a happy life. Came across PR whilst looking up on Caan, I was paying 17 quid for the same service at Profit Accumulator, so delighted to find this, Caan almost seems to good to be true, if anyone has any advice on trading, please to send it my way. Good luck everybody.


    Welcome, Lupe. 

    Thanks for the kind words… I hope you find the site of use. Not sure what course you bought but it wasn’t mine from any of your credentials!

    Trading is a fair bit different to matched betting, although its certainly a next step potentially. Just take your time learning before you give it a go. 

    I look forward to your posts here on the forum. 



    sorry, meant to write I have not plucked up the courage yet. Will do it I’m sure .


    Hi everyone,

    First of all thanks to Caan for this service and especially for making it free!!

    I’m new to MB, around 2 weeks into it. I’m holding off on sports and bookies for the time being until everything picks up again.

    I’ve started on risk free/low risk casino to build up a bank(up £195) in the mean time and generally taking advantage of the free time(furloughed) to learn what I need to know about MB.

    Working my way through Caans’ youtube channel in terms of trading which could be something I’d consider further down the line once I more and have a solid understanding of it.


    Hi I’m Gary, have done a little matched betting in the past but not for long, so giving it another go as the football is slowly coming back in Europe.<br />I have quite a few dormant accounts with zero balances, any advice would welcome on best way forward would be welcome.



    I’ve been on here for a few days now trying to get into matched betting. I have come via the trading route – trying to use MB to boost the overall bank roll which I assume a lot of people do.

    Hopefully have some discussions about best MB’ing strategies for more advanced offers once the sign ups are finished with. Also a big thank you to Caan!




    Caan has been really good at setting this site up however forum discussions seem to be lacking input….. I’ve tried!


    Always greatful for your contributions, Toohoov. They’re insightful and thought-out. I’m sure we’re not as busy as elsewhere yet but Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that 🙂

    Plus it seems that talk of Profit Rush is censored in many ‘independant’ places. Other members have said they have had warnings and been removed from some facebook groups etc. Not sure why, my only conclusion being they’re owned by other parties…

    Lets keep going and things will pick up. They’ve certainly improved in the last 6 months 🙂

    Thanks again.

    p.s. if anyone has any suggestions as to why/how you think we could get people talking more let us know in the suggestions section. 


    I have found it strange how quiet everything is. A few friends use the paid services but I can’t see that they realistically offer much more (apart from taking from the bank balance!).

    I suppose with a public forum some might wonder about bookies scouring for usernames and data to identify people.

    I’m certainly going to push it with my friends!



    Hi, I am Frankie, 53. Been betting off and on since 9 years old. Tried Bet Angel in 2008 and failed because I was drinking too much and expected the software to do it all for me plus i had money and was very lazy.

    Been match betting for about 4 months and am trying some trading strategies on football and horses.

    Best of luck/skill to you all.



    Hi my name is Fred,I have never joined anything in my life,so its only the mavellous and very straight forward and no bullshit analysis from Caan that promted me to join.

    know a bit about Horses a lot about football.By my own admission Avery poor looser,so Caans psychology musings I found very inspirational so let’s give a go.All the very best to every one on the forum.Fred.



    I’m Paul, been trading on Betfair for 6 months obviously had some free bets but not got the best out of them,

    This is all new to me so some advice on best way to get started would be good, already have some betting accounts but would I be better setting up new ones for this to benefit from all the offers .

    Hi all,
    Firstly big thanks to Caan for setting this site up! I started matched betting in January and have slowly made just over £2,000 which I’m quite happy with considering lockdown, as I fit it in when I can. I have been gubbed by a few of the bookies already and had started to look into Betfair trading which is how I found Caan and then this site. My plan is to continue with matched betting to build up more funds and then dip my toes into trading. Have seen a few good offers already for the start of the Premiership so hoping for a prosperous weekend for myself & the rest of the Profit Rush community!

    Hi im new to profit rush but i have a bit of understanding how match betting works.I mainly do pre scalp trading have been for 12 months up and down good days not so good days,thought i would give this a go even better its free 🙂 …………

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