Looking for a solid matched betting strategy? You’re in the right place.

We believe in plucking the best results, in the shortest possible time without any faffing around. That’s not to say we have the ‘golden bullet’ nobody does. But there’s an easy or hard way to do anything…

Quickest Returns?

With the previous comment in mind, if you implement the right strategy – winning gets so much easier.

We want to introduce you to a mnemonic called KISS. Applicable to just about anything, from one of the worlds wealthiest men.

Warren Buffett Quote - Strategy

…and if it’s good enough for world most prolific investor, it’s just fine for us.

The best strategies and systems are usually the simplest, built on a healthy base of logic. Matched betting strategies are no different!

So what’s the quickest way to get a good return?

It’s simple; the maximum margin for every bet, prioritising the easiest and fastest to qualify for and execute. In fact, we’ve touched on it before in our matched betting tips article.

But to do that you’ll want a consistent reliable process to make good use of. A strategy…

Matched Betting Strategy Blueprint:

If you’re new to matched betting, this could get a little overwhelming; but that’s not our goal.

Should you find your eyes glazing over in the next couple of minutes, don’t sweat it, everything will become clearer after you’ve been going a few weeks. The following suggestions may also be a bit die-hard for those that only wish to produce a part-time income.

Into the deep end…

First things to say; this is just an example. Everyone’s life is different and you’ll probably need to re-work it to suit you best.

Obviously, we’ll be placing all bets via the methods suggested within our education video vault. The actual betting process is simple; you have to meet qualifying conditions, and then secure a profit. Nothing complicated about that. The real magic is in the strategy, routine and timings you keep in order to get the absolute best results.

Before we look at our (almost) perfect blueprint, there are 4 areas of interest:

  • Priorities
  • Bespoke Offerings
  • Placement
  • Routine and Structure

A little on each one, just so the example makes sense!


All offers are of use, period. It doesn’t matter if Coral have just given you a free £5 bet via text, or you’re signing up for a £200 rollover. However, you don’t want to be messing around with the harder, lower return offerings. It’s just common sense.

So we’re going to pinpoint and target those sexy low-hanging fruit style offers first. Followed by the not so bad, before hitting up the trickier more time-consuming ones.

Bespoke Offerings:

There will be some offering and or time-sensitive offers. It’s just how things are, for example; bet £20 before 4 pm and you will get a free £10 bet on the Chelsea match tonight.

In short; you don’t want to miss these. Once the ship sails, they’re gone forever. Often they are better offers too. We have a nifty calendar to keep track of all the new offers here.


A no brainer, you need to get the best possible price match without making your account look like it’s being used purely for arbitrage. We’ve got some good pointers covering the in’s and out’s inside the education sections of the site.

Daily Routine:

The most important of them all, and the part that will make sense shortly. Having a powerful routine is the glue that locks all these different advantages and offerings together. Get a good routine and your daily matched betting strategy is complete. This is a rough example of what we’d expect the strategy to look like for someone looking to make some money while the kids are at school…

Strategy Daily Template

Pretty neat approach, eh?

You’ll see that a large chunk of the day is taken to prep and qualify later offers for cash-out. Making life easier later on in the week!

The Strategy:

To place as many successful matched bets, in the least possible time, while retaining the maximum amount of profit. An efficient process…

Mediocre as it may seem, for around 5 1/2 hours there the return is £69-£91. Remember though, that’s tax-free in your pocket (the equivalent of £20,000 per year).

Signing up for a new account should be a pretty effortless experience if you use the likes of Google Chrome. With the option to store various details such as name, address and phone number a sign up can be completed in a few clicks. Also when having multiple offers to complete, speedy placement can be made when you use the same betting event across multiple bookmakers at the same time. Again, once you’ve found a good price match it’s just a few clicks.

Verification checks are a similar story. You don’t want to be wasting precious time on sending documents to every new bookmaker each time you sign up. The solution is simple, as the video lessons show; get set up nice and early with all the documents you will need, stored in a safe place. When they ask, minimal fuss and time waste – just upload and send.

Matched Betting Full-Time Methods…

Ask any full-timer that makes a living online in this way and they’ll tell you one unavoidable truth; repetition is key.

With a strategy built on margin and repetition, you’re sure to get above average results. Full time-matched bettors are usually creatures of habit, they’ve either built their own systematical approach or used one of ours. Regardless of which matched betting strategy you use; repetition sits firmly at the centre. It just has to be.

Matched Betting Lifestyle

Whoooaaa, calm down! You’re not ready to start jet-setting with your laptop just yet…

How many bets a day?

Realistically, to make good money – you need to place quite a few bets each day, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be hard work or drawn out. With a good strategic structure and practice, completing most offers doesn’t take that long.

For offers such as Bet X to get Y, you will need to place 2 sets of bets. The opening back and lay, and then another back and lay to lock in a profit. When you know the numbers, betting markets you wish to target, and have the right tools and education at your disposal; placing a set of bets can be done in under a minute. The most we’ve heard of is somebody completing around 16 offers in one day, making in excess of 32 sets of bets… that’s a lot! 

To that user’s credit; they were extremely well prepared (and making a lot of money).

Full-timers know is vital to their system…

Don’t Waste a Second:

Knowing is not enough though, you must do. Take a look at any of the worlds most successful people. It might not be apparent at first but, once you take a look under the bonnet there’s always one common connection.

They have all worked extremely hard at one point or another, even if they don’t have to now.

Having a preference for action over inaction is crucial.

Action Expresses Priorities
– Mahatma Gandhi

Scary when you get serious on it, because you may start to notice other things you do in your day. Choices you make… hold those three words close and you can’t go far wrong – if you want to succeed.

How do you get fired up and motivated?

Everyone has off days though, we’ve got a matched betting motivation thread in the community forum for that very reason. On the days where you’re feeling a little grey and lacking in drive, have a skim though and it’s sure to light you back up, like pouring petrol on a bonfire!

Realising your own motivation and is a huge contributor to a winning strategy. It’s the hidden part people rarely think of, it’s not just about methods and approach.

Strategic Approach: Round-Up

Hopefully, you’ve got it by now but, in order to have a reliable matched betting strategy you must have; structure, simplicity, margin, repetition and then, you must above all other things; take action.

We appreciate that might sound far easier than it actually is though!

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