Everyone want’s to grow their capital fast, but not everyone manages it. 

We’re here to help, so in this article; we’re going to share 5 of the most powerful matched betting tips you’ll ever come across.

Some of which we’ll go into great detail with… take your time, and more importantly; make notes!

Growth Hacking…

Before we get stuck in, a little wisdom from a rags-to-riches billionaire:

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is the successful people do all the things the unsuccessful people don’t want to do

-John Paul DeJoria

Something that’s always worth remembering!

#1 Matched Betting Tip: Underpinning Success

If there were one, crucial, super-tip when it comes to matched betting; this would be it.

A little like the inspirational quote above, it might not be what you hoped for. However, if you just lower your mental guard for the next two minutes, whilst reading this article. I promise you it’ll change your matched betting (and life) for the better. Deal?

Okay, the number one underpinning factor to any success is routine, habits and self-belief. Why? because true success (as John Paul Dejoria knows) can only happen over a prolonged period. Much like you’re betting results. That doesn’t necessarily mean a lifetime, decade or even a year. It just means more than a few days or a week!

Let’s get to the point…

This is the #1 of all our matched betting tips because; without it, the others don’t matter. Plus, once you start to see the results – there’s a good chance you’ll stick with it (having realised the power).

Tip’s Specifics:

  • Integrate one or two bets, or maybe a period of time into your daily routine. Make it a religion, over a month it will become significant.
  • Write down some kind of schedule throughout the week. Even if it’s on a scrap of paper, make it realistic. Maybe you’ll have to skip a day.
  • The heavy part – self-belief. You absolutely must convince yourself this is important and that you can and will do it.

That last point may seem a little odd to some, but it’s important.

Think of Connor McGregor a second; love him or hate him, there’s something to be learnt. When you truly believe in yourself, you automatically behave in a different manner. It’s relatively simple; convince yourself that matched betting is a part of your daily routine and it will be… it’s powerful stuff.

#2 Bank Accelerator: Speed Advantage

Speed is always an advantage, in anything you do. So when it comes to matched betting tips, you just can’t get away from it.

But how can you speed up your results?

Simple. Have a larger matched betting float and be more organised. Now, let’s keep it real people – we know that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a spare £3,000 for matched betting. That’s just ridiculous, initially at least. But nobody is making you withdraw your matched betting profits. Of course, the impulse is to do that as soon as you win. But we know the entire process is extremely low risk, so with that in mind, why not let the balance grow?

Reinvest profits, spread it across more accounts, allow yourself the freedom to lay at higher prices!

You’ll soon start to notice the difference as you complete more offers and more successful matches.

matched betting tips 2

Tip’s Specifics:

  • Maximise your float. If you have the cash flow, why not? So long as you’re happy with what you’re doing.
  • Keep your profits active, compound them, playing the long term game always pays the best return.
  • Make a good quality record of what you’re doing for a piece of mind. Knowing exactly where your capital is, makes life easier.

This has to be the most under-rated of matched betting tips, which is pretty foolish when you consider how much flexibility it adds to your operation.

#3 Work Backwards: Get What You Want

I’ve done it myself. Although I’m not proud to admit it.

Losing traction, focus or attention (whatever you want to call it) on the important things. But there’s a pretty simple hack to get over it, you just need to know it – and plan ahead a little.

It goes like this; 

Matched betting tips cycle

Why is this such a useful little tip?

Because when we have specifically identified what our objective is; it’s so much harder to ignore.

Imagine you were on day two of getting that £100 you needed so badly. If you hadn’t completed those 1-2 offers, you’re fully aware that the chance of reaching your goal is unlikely. But when you compare that to the same situation (had you not implemented this matched betting tip) then you would be none the wiser! On target? ahead? behind? …worse still, ever likely to achieve it?

As with any goal; if you don’t know what it is, or how you’re going to achieve it – the chances of it happening are significantly slimmer.

Tip’s Specifics:

  • Work backwards from your end goal.
  • Specifically, define what you want and how you’ll get it. Then create the steps to do it.
  • The slightly more tricky part; do it. A good idea might be to use this tip in conjunction with our #1 matched betting tip.

Finally; don’t forget to congratulate the hell out of your self once you achieve it! Doing so will just re-enforce that self-belief we talked about earlier.

#4 Limitation v’s Motivation: Let Go…

What is your biggest limitation? Your matched betting capital? Amount of offers? Spare time?


Capital may restrict you a little at the start, but after 30 days of reinvesting it shouldn’t be. There are stacks of bookmakers and even more offers to make good use of, so it’s not that. And if you were nodding in agreement to spare time – how often do you find yourself scrolling aimlessly through Facebook or Twitter?

…for most, the biggest limitation is them-self.

Our fourth matched betting tip is to let go of that limitation (we appreciate, some may not like hearing this). Recognise what’s holding you back, knock it on the head, replace that aimless scrolling with another matched bet! Get fired up and motivated.

Ask yourself: Why am I doing this?

Tap into what makes you tick as a person. What motivates you? Reading matched betting tips alone isn’t going to fill up the balance.

For most it’s probably financial freedom, comfortable living, being able to support and care for your loved ones, maybe even enjoying an extra treat from time to time… all great reasons. Don’t let them go, remind yourself each day, lift the limits and get stuck in.

As the saying goes; Action expresses priorities.

Tip’s Specifics:

  • Recognise what’s holding you back, before taking action against it.
  • Find a reason that drives you; children, comfortable living, survival even… get motivated.
  • Replace thinking with doing. Take the matched betting tips within this article and begin to execute them right now!

Okay, okay, the pep-talks over… I’m sure you get the picture!

#5 Detail: 100% Effective

Attention to detail; it’s no surprise that those who focus on the finer detail often come out on top…

Success within matched betting is no different. It’s a game of inches, every single one counts – compounded over a week, month or even several makes a big difference.

But are you compounding healthy habits, or are you compounding mistakes?

Aside from the other matched betting tips, this is the icing on the cake. If you save just £1 or £2 every time you place a qualifying bet, and another £1 or £2 when you turn that offer into cash it may seem insignificant at first. But after just two months matched betting on a part-time basis, placing two matched bets a day it’s a saving of £4 to £8 each day – it soon adds up.


In fact, if you were doing that 5 days a week; it’s £160 – £320 difference. Got your attention? 

Quite a difference, especially when you consider it’s such a small amount to save. Through being particular about which odds you take, there’s far more to be saved. Using our price matching software is the quickest and easiest way to get an efficient match. If you’re not sure how – check out the educational modules here.

Tip’s Specifics:

  • Appreciate how important efficiency is over an extended period when placing your matched bets.
  • Focus on maintaining maximum efficiency when placing each bet.
  • Use odds matching software to get the best price match you can!

Got any matched betting tips of your own, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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