All eyes will be on Man City v Liverpool on Sunday and Bet £50 Get £50 is back! 

Bet365 are offering Bet £50 pre-off get a free £50 in-play bet on the biggest fixture of the Premier League season yet. Kick off is 4-30pm on Sunday the 8th of November.

We’re going to go through this offer and show you how to profit to the tune of £30+…

The Bet365 Bet £50 Get £50 is one of, if not the best, Matched Betting offers out there. You can register to use our premium tools for free here.

What You Need:

  1. A Bet365 account with £50 available funds.
  2. An exchange account with £700 or more balance available (for maximum profit, you might not need the full amount).

If you haven’t got an exchange account, there is a choice of 4 here.

Make sure you have got the email from Bet365 or it appears on your account before doing this offer! You don’t have to Opt In but you have to have got a message from Bet365. Usually, unless you’re restricted it’s available to everyone.

Step 1, Find Your Trigger Bet:

First, we need to place a £50 bet on the game before it starts. Any market on Juventus v Barcelona will do, but we want to find the best match possible.

To do this, use the Profit Rush Price MatcherTick the boxes as they appear in the photo below:

Bet 50 Get 50 In Play Matcher

We also have the added bonus of 2 Up landing here too along with no minimum odds, so go for that option if you want. We have a very close match here as the draw is 4.2 with Bet365 and 4.3 to lay on Betfair. You could even try getting matched at 4.2 as you have a couple of days.

However, as we have the added advantage of 2 Up landing, if you want to go for either team you can – the set up cost is higher though.

Step 1 Action: We place a £50 bet on the Draw at 4.2 with Bet365.

Step 2, Now We Calculate & Place The Lay Bet:

Now that we have placed our £50 trigger bet with Bet365, we need to lay that bet back on an exchange. The trigger bet has already locked in our £50 free bet later, but we now have to lay off the trigger bet, so we have very little risk.

We already know what we have to lay on the exchange, but we need to find the stake.

To do this we can use the Profit Rush Bet Calculator. The Draw is 4.3 to lay with Betfair, so we just have to put our information into the Calculator. We then see this screen:

Bet £50 Get £50

As you can see, the correct stake to lay on Betfair is £49.07. This only results in a -£1.93 set up cost and with a free £50 bet to come later this is ideal.

Profit Rush users can directly place the correct lay bet through the Bet Calculator if you have your Betfair account linked. If you aren’t using integration, log into your Betfair account and lay the Draw at 4.3. The lay button is on the right-hand side of the market.

Step 2 Action: Place the lay bet of £49.07 on the Draw at 4.3 on Betfair.

Pre-Match Steps COMPLETE!

That’s all you need to do pre-match. The above example has cost us £1.93 however remember we have our £50 free bet to come in-play…

Step 3, Place Your £50 Bet In-Play:

You can use the Profit Rush Price Matcher again for this. However, if you have Bet365 and an exchange open in two windows you can do it manually.

The odds will change in-play, so we have to get our business done quickly. However, we highly recommend waiting and placing your bets at Half-Time when the odds won’t move as much.

For this we’re going to give you an example, let’s assume it’s been an excellent first half but it’s 1-1 at the break. It’s been a game packed with action and the draw is now 4.0 with Bet365 at half-time while it’s 4.2 to lay on Betfair. That will be our target match to profit from.

Step 3 Action: We place a £50 bet with Bet365 on the draw at 4.0 at Half-Time.

Step 4, Time To Lock in a Profit:

OK, so now we’ve placed our £50 free bet in-play – we need to lock in a profit.

At the moment, we lose £1.93 if it’s not a draw, and we need to lock in profit. To do this we use the Profit Rush Bet Calculator again.

We use the calculator just as in Step 2, however this time we make sure that FREE BET (SNR) is selected in the Bet Type drop-down menu. This is very important, otherwise, your figures will be wrong.

We will then get this screen:

PSG Matched Betting

As you can see, the Profit Rush Bet Calculator has told us to lay the draw for £35.89 on Betfair, which means our liability will be £114.85. But remember we have £150 profit if they win with Bet365. After you have placed your lay bet you have now locked in a profit of £35.15. However, remember to set up our trigger bet it cost us £1.93 so take that away.

That leaves us with a profit of £33.22. Not bad for ten minutes work.

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