The Champions League fixtures just keep on coming! We also have the Europa League on Thursday night, and we have picked out best 2 Up matches! 

It’s great to have the football season back in full flow, and there’s a tonne of opportunity out there with Matched Betting at the moment.

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What You Need:

  • Bet365, or Paddy Power (max payout £2,500)
  • An exchange account with an available balance big enough to lay back your bets
  • You need to be familiar with using the Profit Rush Price Matcher and Bet Calculator.

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That’s all you need to get started, it’s simple! Let’s go through the steps so you can get the most money.

Step 1: Know the games. Everything is back now, so it’s pretty much gone back to a normal football season. For this blog we’re going to focus on the Champions League and Europa League. Remember, each bookmaker will be different so check with them before doing it. For example, Paddy Power don’t offer 2 up on the Europa League but Bet365 do.

Step 2: Look for the best matches in the Profit Rush Price Matcher.

Our Top 5 matches this week are:

  • Ajax to beat Midtylland at 8pm on Tuesday in the Champions League. Back Ajax at 2.0 with Bet365 and lay 1.99 with Betfair. The set up cost for a £50 stake is £0.26.
  • Lazio to beat Zenit St Petersburg at 5-55pm on Wednesday in the Champions League. Back Lazio at 2.6 with Bet365 and lay 2.66 with Betfair. The set up cost is £1.74.
  • Real Madrid to beat Inter Milan at 8pm on Tuesday in the Champions League. Back Real Madrid at 1.85 with Bet365 and lay 1.9 with Betfair. That set up cost is £1.78.
  • Real Sociedad to beat AZ Alkmaar at 5-55pm on Thursday in the Europa League. Back Real Sociedad at 1.66 with Bet365 and lay 1.71 with Betfair. The set up cost is £1.87.
  • Dortmund to beat Club Brugge at 8pm on Wednesday in the Champions League. Back Dortmund at 1.66 with Bet365 and lay 1.74 with Betfair. The set up cost is £2.71.

There’s five good 2 Up matches, all for under £3 set up cost for a £50 stake. There are closer matches available in the Price Matcher too; however we have gone for these games because the odds are higher. You can find a lot of close matches between 1.2 and 1.4 this week in Europe. Check out the Profit Rush Price Matcher and have a look for yourself!

Also, for the other games if you want to get a little extra for your bankroll, it’s a good tip to look at the expected goals markets. There’s no point wasting your bankroll on a game that’s short odds to finish 0-0. If your bank is small, you have to choose wisely. When you have a big bank you can do more matches but in a game with high expected goals, there’s more chance of a team going 2 Up!

Laying Off;

Step 3: Laying off on the exchanges. Now that we have found the best matches to choose from and placed our bets with Bet365 or Paddy Power we need to lay off on the likes of Betfair or SMarkets.

To do this we use the Profit Rush Bet Calculator to find the correct stake. We have already given you the cost above but you can easily find the correct stakes in the calculator!

What are your best 2 Up matches this week? Let us know…

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Don’t know what a 2 Up Offer is?

A 2 Up Offer when the bookmaker pays out early if your team goes two goals ahead. If they then fail to win, you also get paid out on the exchanges. The key is finding very low set-up costs and you could hit the jackpot with a double win! There are also plenty of in-running options. For example, if your team goes 2 Up and you get paid as a winner with the bookmaker but the other team score – you can then trade for a profit on the exchanges.

If you want to learn more about 2 Up Offers, check out our Blog: How To Exploit 2 Up Offers.