When you’ve used all the free bet offers while Matched Betting; the next big question to ask yourself is how to always win betting on sports?

It’s a tricky question to answer for most people, but it really isn’t that difficult to beat the bookmakers.

Professional Trader Caan Berry revealed a massive edge in his recent YouTube video, this really is a must see for anyone who likes betting:

The video is an extremely powerful betting guide on how to always win betting on sport, so make sure to watch it again if you don’t get it the first time and take notes. It’s the best way to beat the Sportsbooks.

How To Beat The Bookies

In order to beat the bookies, you have to bet at value prices. This means that you want to be betting on sporting outcomes where the probability of winning is greater than the probability of the odds. For example, you should be betting on a 2.5 shot when you think the true price is 2.0.

For most people, this is where they fall in the betting industry. It takes a lot of work to get your prices correct, and you need a certain level of expertise. If you watch the video, you will see where you can find these opportunities, without even knowing anything about the sport. This is absolutely key, as it cuts down on research time.

You just have to trust the fact that the very close to the start, the Betfair price is very close to the true price of the event happening. This is true for the most part, as all the liquidity would have gone through Betfair and the wisdom of the crowd is now known. If we see a price of 2.0 on Betfair with 30 seconds to the start, we can assume that over the long-term this bet will win 50% of time and lose the other 50%.

This is where value comes into play. If you can get a price of 2.1 with the bookmaker, you are then ahead of the crowd – ahead of the true price, and now you just have to let the probability of betting play out.

Best Betting Strategy

This is hands down the best betting strategy out there. But that doesn’t mean every bet will win. As with any betting strategy, you will have losing runs due to the general variance of betting on sports. This is where bankroll management and discipline become massively important. If you flipped a coin ten times and you back heads ten times, but it only landed on heads 50% of the time – you would break even if you kept the same stakes, but you could easily lose if you changed your stakes along the way or reacted differently to every toss of the coin.

This again, is where most of the general betting population fall down. You’ve already read the two main areas where most people betting fall down in this article; knowing what’s value and staking. As you will see in the video, it’s easy to identify value with that strategy so the only hard part is staking. The general rule with staking is to base your stakes on how big the edge is. So for example, if you got 2.1 on a 2.0 shot you might have 1 unit on the bet, but if you got 4.0 on a 2.5 shot you should have five units on this. The bigger the edge, the bigger the bet. 

Because this is such a valuable strategy; there will be a lot of people doing it. As Caan said in the video, you can make thousands of pounds doing it. It’s worth reading How Bookmakers Make Money Sports Betting to fully understand why this strategy would work too, as you can see you are really beating the odds. You’ll soon understand how to always win betting on sports!