Finally, it appears somebody has created software that uses artificial intelligence against the bookies…

If you’ve got bonus restricted accounts, this is something that will allow you to start generating a profit from them. There’s no catch, it really will.

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What is Beth.Bet All About?

If you haven’t heard of Beth Bet yet, this is something matched bettors will certainly be interested in. It’s a horse racing predictions tool that analyses many variables to identify overpriced opportunities. In short; it shows you where value is within the current odds.

Bookmakers are going to hate this one as it will allow thousands of users to ‘beat the bookies’.

Check out the details in this video:

Smart right?

It almost seems too good to be true at first. As Caan said; he nearly dismissed it as another useless tipster product.

Why Does Beth Beat Bookie Prices?

To explain it in layman’s terms; betting odds are a reflection of probability. For a bookmaker, they offer that probability with the price they choose (plus a margin). They don’t care about short-term results as, over the longer term, they know that probability will ensure an even payout that is reflective of implied chance. However, they factor their margin into the price, meaning you don’t get the real value – you get something worse.

Now, with Beth.Bet, their software is making selections that are over-priced. So the exact opposite logic applies!

The bookie’s prices that are wrong are swiftly identified by Beth, meaning you get the higher value than the bet is actually worth; making you a winner long-term.

It’s this same logic that allows the Matched Betting Community to profit from bookmakers bonuses. The only subtle difference being that the positive expected value comes from a bonus offer instead of the bookie’s odds.

How Much Does Beth Bet Cost?

There are 3 plans available with Beth.Bet currently.

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Pro

The free version will entitle you to a weeks trial to test it out. The basic version is £39 per month, limiting you to 30 selections per day. The pro version gives you full access to hundreds of selections every day with multiple bookmakers.

Click here to check it out yourself.

Is Beth Bet Worth it?

We take Caan’s word for it when he says it’s a new product that he is positive about. He’s usually quite cynical about this type of thing!

However, having had a look ourselves, we can’t see any reason that somebody would not want to try the Beth.Bet product. It’ll cost you nothing, and potentially gain you some profit. One Important thing to mention here is that it’s advisable to be placing 20+ selections per day with Beth to ensure that the mathematical variance behind taking value plays out in your favour. Short term, any kind of betting is down to chance – like a coin flip.

Looking at the results on Caan’s review, it would be best to try this product out over at least 2-3 weeks for optimal results.

Beth gets a thumbs up from us, she’s totally worth it!

Does Beth Have a Discount Code?

More value you say? of course there is!

You can get 50% discount right now if you use the coupon code shared in the video above. This code will slash the prices in half for both Beth Basic and Beth Pro mentioned above.

We run completely free here so don’t forget to sign up for a Betfair account here and claim a £20 risk-free bet now.

Update 2022:

As of 1st February, Beth Bet has, unfortunately, ceased to trade. They are in the process of refunding all open subscriptions to their customers. Beth Bet investors decided that the project was no longer worthwhile from a financial perspective. It’s sad to see it go as this was an extremely useful tool that consistently identified value in the sportsbook markets. Hopefully we’ll see them back in the future!

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