We will see a huge amount of offers at the Cheltenham Festival this year, so it’s important to answer the question of “is Matched Betting Legal in 2021?”

Matched Betting is still a fantastic way to make money online. Indeed, can you think of a better way to make money online in 2021? The sign up offers alone on Profit Rush are worth around £1,000, and then the existing customer offers on the Daily Calendar would be worth around £500 per up on average. Some people are making more than four figures per month.

The number one factor that puts people off is they view Matched Betting as ‘Betting’ when it isn’t, and then when it’s explained to them, they want to know “Is it legal?”

The answer is yes, Matched Betting is 100% legal. You are doing nothing wrong by opening an account with a bookmaker, placing a bet to get the sign-up bonus and then laying it off to lock in profit on Betfair Exchange.

Check out this YouTube video that explains everything you need to know on whether Matched Betting is legal:

As you can see in the video, it’s short and sharp. It’s direct to the point – Matched Betting is 100% legal. At the end of the day you’re just placing different bets on alternate outcomes to lock in a profit for yourself. There’s nothing illegal about that at all.

Is Matched Betting A Scam?

This is another very common question. The answer to this question is again no, Matched Betting is not a scam. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s a scam. It’s easy to doubt something when it seems too good to be true, but Matched Betting is just taking advantage of the free bet offers with the bookmakers. If you don’t have a bookmaker account; why shouldn’t you get their sign-up bonus? Most punters will bet their sign-up bonus on a bet they think will win but they could easily lose, however with Matched Betting the option is there to lock in a profit using the exchanges, so why not do it?

How Much Money Do You Need To Start?

You can start with whatever you have. Just make sure you have enough money in your Betfair account to lay back your bets with the bookmaker. For example, if you place £10 on a 10/1 shot with the bookmaker, you will need around £100 to lay it back on Betfair. You can of course start with lower odds if your bank isn’t big, and you can build your bank up quickly by taking the free bets on offer. For example, Bet365 give you a free £100 bet when you bet £100.

You can also just do the offers for the amount you wish. Always read the T&C’s. For example, you might see a Bet £50 Get £50 offer or a Bet £20 Get £20 offer, but the min bet might be £5. So if your bank is small you can Bet £5 Get £5 and keep building it up. It doesn’t take long to add up. £10 a day for two weeks is suddenly £140, and then you can do most offers from there to start making £500 or more per month.

With the Cheltenham Festival around the corner, it’s an excellent time to start Matched Betting. Open account now and build up your bank for all the fantastic offers at Cheltenham!