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    Hi the drop down list of bookies has disappeared from the Price Matcher. This has been a problem since yesterday. Cheers.

    Steve Young

    Just to keep this post bumped up, the drop down list of bookies has indeed disappeared. Can someone please rectify? Thanks. 



    I’ve just logged in to report that too. Its the best free matcher I’ve ever seen.

    PR Support

    Hi Guys

    There is a forum thread here:

    We’ve had some trouble this week and have replaced the bookies with a generic bookie feed for now. It’s an industry leading feed so the others all follow suit, hopefully prices will only be a small amount different.

    Thanks for the kind words about it being the best free one. Unfortunately it’s not enitrely free and has cost us a lot to build with the bookies playing cat and mouse constantly!

    Kind Regards<br />Support


    Thanks. Much appreciated.


    Hi There

    just signed up to PR  working my way around the price matcher and there is no drop down list of the bookmakers. I have a free 888 sports bet I want to use .


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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