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    I hope all is well.

    Firstly, I just wanted to say that I certainly think your site is worth joining and certainly adds to my gambling experience.

    I have just joined The Pools (I never even knew that site existed before I joined here), but I can’t find it on either the price matcher or on the list of bookmkakers on the Profit Tracker?

    Please can somebody advise?


    Best Wishes,





    Hi Paul 

    Did you manage to resolve the issue with the pools and getting it matched on Price Matcher?

    Kind regards




    Hi Jarod, how are ya.

    No, no Admin seems to have added them to the list on the Results tracker, in fact, I wonder sometimes just how monitored this site is, as several things have deteriorated since I joined. No Admin seems to evenj deem this thread worthy of an answer.

    The Pools are still not available as an option on the results tracker, and neither are SBK or VirginBet.

    An indicator to me, that we are really on our own on this site, and there is very little updates or amendments to it.

    As for the price matcher, well that vastly inferior to when I joined. People will find it a hindrance as opposed to a help, as there is absolutely no indicator to us where that price it is showing us is available.

    Shame really, as it used to be a decent site this, now I just use the results tracker.

    Hopefully things improve soon. Luckily it is a free service. But free should never be a byword for sloppy.



    It wouldn’t let me edit the above post, apologies for duplicate posts.

    I have just stumbled across anothert two missing, unfortunately.

    PartyPoker is not available on the list of bookies, and Golf is not available on the list of sports.

    Hopefully they will be added soon, as my results tracker is getting a lot of white on it, I soon will not even be able to differentiate between them.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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