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    First attempt at the WH Golden goal this eve on Man U v Arsenal backed Arsenal so lets see how it goes. My understanding is that if Arsenal score first then i get paid as a win. Although im not certain if that is the back bet over if if it runs for a match win by then also. Any how, If they score 1st I can either cash out the lay bet or hope its a draw or Man U win so the lay bet also wins.

    However if Man U score first (don’t get GG bonus) so it remains a  back  to lay as normal I’d take a slight loss if Man U win.  Please correct me if you know better 🙂 Keep Rushing 



    How have you found golden goal Rick? it looks like they havent done it a while


    I’ve not seen any Golden Goals from Will Hill for a while either.  But, don’t hedge your lays before you see that money in the bookie account…

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    Yeah strange that William Hill haven’t done it for a while. Betway have First Goal Wins promo at the moment but stakes limited.


    Think Golden Goal is dead with Hills for now too many kicking their arse I hope!!!!


    Betway have some first goals wins promo’s, I’m sure WH will be back at some stage!


    Don’t forget Betway have a cap on stakes more than the others with paying early 

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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