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    Hi could someone please advise me – been trying to learn trading but need to do something to actually return some money sooner that the year 20???? when and if I ever suss it out. 

    I do appreciate this is a free service btw but just don’t understand how the ‘generic bookmaker’ is of help because if you place a lay bet (having linked your betfair account) how do you know which bookmaker is the one the calculator is using for the back bet? Do you have to go find a back bet which matches in some other way? 

    This is driving me insane as not mentioned in the video about it – where all the bookmakers appear….and having taken a deal with a bookmaker I would need to use that one to utilise the free bet. 

    Thanks in advance


    Daily Racing

    Hi Francesca,

    The idea behind the one bookmaker is that they’re prices are almost all the same. What you are looking for in the matcher is a close match with the exchange – when you find this, it will likely be very close to all bookmaker prices.

    So, when using say Betfred just go to the market on Betfred when you find a close match with the exchange. The idea is you’re using the bookmaker feed as YOUR bookmaker, and then you easily find the matches close to the exchange which is the tricky bit!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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