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    In this community, we encourage a place where our members come to hang out, chat with other matched bettors, ask questions and offer support.

    Feel free to contribute, but before you do, take a look at the few simple rules we have here:

    1. Respect others. Healthy debate is welcome, but abusing others isn’t.
    2. Please keep image posting to a minimum max dimension 800 x 600 px.
    3. Spam, affiliate links and deliberate plugging will be removed.
    4. The forum language is English to allow everyone to participate. Google translate is here.
    5. We don’t talk about multi-accounting in other peoples names here.

    They’re simple rules. Failure to comply may mean the Profit Rush Fun Police have to step in…

    Rule Breaks:

    We don’t believe there is any ambiguity in our rules, and so warnings are not necessary. However, moderators will air a certain amount of discretion in each case.

    If you are to break a rule you could receive a warning, or depending on the severity and historic behaviour a ban.

    Moderator Status:

    We have a selection of moderators already, although welcome more. In order to become a moderator you need to:

    – consistently contributed to the forum
    – have been a member at least 90 days
    – understand matched betting clearly
    – help and encourage others positively
    – have a record clear of rule breaks

    Happy Rushing!

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