Can’t select bookmaker in Price Matcher?

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    Hi all, 

    Im sure I posted about this the other day, but I’ve not heard anything I wanted to ask again…

    Your price Matcher isn’t allowing me to select bookmakers, it just shows a gray Bookmaker icon when retrieving results. And there is not Bookmaker drop down box showing like in the tutorial video.

    As i am not new to matched betting I am already signed up to most bookies but I have marked all video courses complete, in case this was a requirement before receiving full functionality, but unfortunately this has made no difference!

    I am using Opera browser, but have also tried in Google Chrome, not working in either. Is this a glitch my end or yours??

    A little help would be appreciated. Thanks


    Admin provided this answer a while back:-

    “We’ve had some trouble this week and have replaced the bookies with a generic bookie feed for now. It’s an industry leading feed so the others all follow suit, hopefully prices will only be a small amount different.

    Thanks for the kind words about it being the best free one. Unfortunately it’s not enitrely free and has cost us a lot to build with the bookies playing cat and mouse constantly!”


    To me, it is futile even using it these days, unfortunately. There is no indicator whatsoever of where the price you are telling us to match actually is?

    I am all for site amendments, but usually they are implemeneted to make sites and features better, and not worse? How can we tell where the price on the price matcher is?It just says “bookmaker” and there are millions of them haha 🙂




    Hi Paul,

    They all follow the leader anyway, so there’s only small differences for small amounts of time. You’ll get the price the majority of time. Playing cat and mouse with the firms for a tiny difference on a handful of prices isn’t worthwhile – especially when you consider the site is free, costing nothing to use.



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