With the sporting world under attack from the Coronavirus, this is a nice and simple Matched Betting offer to take advantage of this weekend.

Paddy Power is offering a £10 free bet when you deposit £50 into your account from any retail store. You can use the £50 in your account on anything, more than likely whatever sport is on around the world in the next few days.

This is an easy offer. You could make a potential profit of £8.17.

Key Terms;

  • Deposit £50 into your Paddy Power account from any retail store
  • £10 free bet will be credited the next day
  • You can see the offer details on the Profit Rush Calendar here 

This offer is straight forward, but let’s go through locking in profit…

Step 1 – Deposit In A Paddy Power Store:

Not much of an explanation needed here. All you have to do is deposit £50 into your account from a retail store over the weekend of March 14th and 15th. You will then get a £10 free bet into your account the next day.

Step 2 – Using Your Free Bet:

With our £10 free bet, we’re going to aim for the maximum amount of profit. To do this, we need to use the Profit Rush Price Matcher and Bet Calculator. 

Find the closest match in the Price Matcher and use the calculator to find the correct stakes. To help you understand this, we’re going to give you a quick example.

Even allowing for the Coronavirus situation, we should have absolutely no problem finding a good match. We want to aim for high odds because that means more profit. Let’s aim for a target match of 7.0 with Paddy Power that is 7.2 to lay on Betfair. That should be no problem to find given that we aren’t in a rush or stuck with one event.

Next, we need to find the correct stake to lay on Betfair to lock in profit. To do this we use the Bet Calculator, remember to click FREE BET (SNR) in the Bet Type. Otherwise, your figures will be wrong. You will then get this screen:

As you can see, if we target a match at 7.0 we come out with £8.17 profit from this offer. It’s a nice and easy offer to build up your betting bank this weekend.

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