The Coronavirus is changing the world as we write. With the news that we lost British Horse Racing yesterday, the sporting world has only a select few events left.

As it stands, only UK greyhounds and Irish Horse Racing remain on. And who knows how long that will last.

Given the dire situation, one has to think about how safe your funds are with bookmakers if the worst were to happen. With the Sporting World on lockdown, only the strong will survive now.

Thankfully, the Horseracing Bettors Forum did a recent article on how safe your funds are with bookmakers. You can’t expect the average customer to read through every T&C for every bookmaker, and they produced this chart:

The graphic is fascinating, isn’t it?

It gives you a good idea where you should be betting in the coming weeks if there is sport on. We felt that Bet365 might be high but they show at medium.

The high firms are; Betfair, Betstars, Betvictor, Coral and Paddy Power. It’s surprising that Coral is high and Ladbrokes isn’t, given they are owned by the same company in GVC. In reality, medium firms should hopefully get through the crisis. For the firms with no protection, you should be very careful in the coming weeks if the Coronavirus crisis continues.

Fingers crossed Sport returns soon. Take the time to study the markets, research profitable tactics and get ready to hit the ground running when we return. Don’t waste this free time – invest in knowledge for the future.

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