The NFL continues this weekend, and we are ready to exploit some early payout offers!

We currently have two early Payout NFL offers:

  • Bet365 17 Points Up, unlimited payout
  • Betway 14 Points Up, to a max stake of £20

We’ll will pick our top matches, and it’s up to you what bookmaker you choose!

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What You Need:

  • Bet365, or Betway (max stake £20)
  • An exchange account with an available balance big enough to lay back your bets
  • You need to be familiar with using the Profit Rush Price Matcher and Bet Calculator.

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That’s all you need to get started, it’s simple! Let’s go through the steps so you can get the most money.

Step 1: Look for the best matches in the Profit Rush Price Matcher.

Our Top 5 matches this Sunday are:

  • Buffalo Bills to beat New England Patriots. Back Buffalo Bills at 1.47 with Bet365 and lay 1.49 with Betfair. The set up cost for a £50 stake is £1.
  • New Orleans Saints to beat Chicago Bears. Back New Orleans Saints at 1.44 with Bet365 and lay 1.47 with Betfair. The set up cost is £1.34.
  • Detroit Lions to beat Indianapolis Colts. Back Detroit Lions at 2.35 with Bet365 and lay 2.4 with Betfair. The set up cost is £1.62.
  • Las Vegas Raiders to beat Cleveland Browns. Back Las Vegas Rainders at 2.2 with Bet365 and lay 2.26 with Betfair. The set up cost is £1.88.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers to beat Green Bay Packers. Back Pittsburgh Steelers at 2.75 with Bet365 and lay 2.86 with Betfair. That set up cost is £2.56.

So there are five good NFL Early Payout options this week all for under £3! There are closer matches available should you enjoy using different tactics and going for lower odds, but we prefer to target odds above 1.5 when we can..

Check out the Profit Rush Price Matcher and have a look for yourself!

Laying Off;

Step 2: Laying off on the exchanges. Now that we have found the best matches to choose from and placed our bets with Bet365 or Betway we need to lay off on the likes of Betfair or SMarkets.

To do this we use the Profit Rush Bet Calculator to find the correct stake. We have already given you the cost above but you can easily find the correct stakes in the calculator!

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