Mobile betting is now the primary way to gamble throughout the UK and Europe. Increasing popularity in phones and tablets means it doesn’t look likely to change any time soon either!

This begs the question; is it effective to Matched Bet via your mobile devices?

The short answer is yes, but only if you’re doing it the right way. In this article, we’ll explain…

Matched Betting via Mobile?

If you’re serious about making maximum profits from your matched betting, we would advise you get set up as per the video courses section of the site.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t matched bet effectively from your mobile device. In fact, the majority of our users are reported to place their bets via mobile phone or tablet.

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Matched betting from your mobile is the same as anywhere else. The only potential downside you face is speed. If you’re looking to place your bets in a fast-moving market, such as horse racing minutes before the off, you may find the price has changed whilst flicking between tabs.

For new matched bettors this can be a little overwhelming at first. To get around this issue, if you’re new to matched betting, and looking to do it from your mobile phone, we would advise placing your bets on events further into the future (at least a couple of hours).

Football is usually ideal for matched betting from your phone.

Mobile Only Betting Offers

Some bookies are keen on giving out ‘mobile only offers’. They do this to entice users into downloading their app…

Typically you’ll find offers like this around the UEFA Champions League and World Cup. Perfect if you’re a mobile matched bettor.

As always, be careful when signing up for these offers. Be sure to read the terms and conditions as they sometimes do change. Betway is one of the bookies that are always on our radar for mobile offers. To qualify you’ll need to opt-in, download the app and place the bets through it.

Check out the daily calendar and offers and courses list on your user dash to find more mobile offers.

Betting Apps:

Depending on your geographical location, access to various bookmakers may be restricted and you’ll need to enable ‘allow location while using the app’. Just be aware of this if you’re going to use multiple accounts on one device…

They won’t like that.

Which Mobile Device?

In most cases, bookmakers have invested heavily in mobile applications meaning they are more user-friendly than the traditional website. Here are the 5 best betting apps for matched betting at the time of writing:

  • Bet365
  • Betfair
  • Ladbrokes
  • Betway
  • Paddy Power

Most first-time users find all of these extremely easy to navigate.

Matched Betting Tools on Mobile:

Profit Rush has been designed to work in any browser.

This means you don’t need an App (it’s how the internet is going once more). With fully functional features inside any browser, it means you’re able to use all of our tools from your phone or tablet, regardless of operating system.

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