There are hundreds of matched betting tutorials bouncing around online. But many completely miss the mark…

Or they take forever to get to the point.

That’s why the video tutorials shared below are so interesting. They’re part of a simple series that gets straight to the point without any faffing about.

YouTube Matched Betting Tutorial #1

The video below breaks down the matched betting process into concise steps that will allow you to follow, pause, repeat and then continue.

Doing your first offer like this is a great way to get started. Also be sure to use our tools and sign up for on the top of this page.

Pretty cool right?

Now you just need to repeat the process over and over with more matched betting offers. The bigger the offer and the lower the qualification criteria the better!

If there’s anything else you didn’t get, we highly advise looking at the following link too. It’s a great matched betting tutorial that will simplify any explanation for your family and freinds, because we know everyone likes to help a friend out!

They’ll thank you for it later.

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