One of the most important factors when matched betting and arbing is speed. You snooze, you lose, as they say!

The quicker you can get your bets on, matched or arbed the bigger percentage of profit you have. There are thousands of others trying to lay the same odds on Betfair and you need to be quick.

That’s why we’re excited to show you a new Geeks Toy features that will allow you to matched bet and arb a lot quicker, giving you a massive edge over every one else!

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Can You Matched Bet Faster?

The answer is YES!

This new Geeks Toy feature can transform your matched betting. It will really improve your speed when matched betting, however I would suggest that arbers would absolutely love this feature too.

It does all the maths for you and takes away all the hassle. As you can see in the video below, it is incredibly easy to use. Check it out below!

As you can see, this is an excellent feature! It’s possible for everyone to place their counter-bets fast and effectively. This is going to be a game changer for many matcher bettors and arbers.

One important point is, if you’re a current Geeks Toy user, make sure to download the latest software release to ensure you have this functionality. Before this new feature, you had to calculate your stakes away from Betfair and trading software, slowing down the process. Now you have a simple tool within Geeks Toy and all you have to do is click Place Bets!

Benefits Of Arbing

This is a brilliant tool for matched betting, but it’s a game changing tool for arbing. Many arbers will be genuinely excited by this feature and use it daily. There are a tonne of benefits to arbing to increase your betting bank before you start trading.

Generally the growth development should be;

  1. Matched Betting
  2. Arbing
  3. Trading

Starting with matched betting is easy because it doesn’t require any skill, you can just taking what’s on offer from the free bets that bookmakers offer. During this time, you will learn and understand how betting odds work. You will soon fully understand how Betfair operate and when your sign up bonuses are finished, you can then progress onto arbing and as you can see in the Profit Rush Calendar, daily offers. After all your bookmaker accounts are closed and you have gained experience using Betfair, you then move onto trading. However, you also have the option of arbing from the high street. This Geeks Toy feature will also be of great benefit to that as it takes away the need for you to think when selecting what stake to use.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use this feature if you like matched betting and arbing. It will make you a lot faster and that can only create more profit!

Download a Free Trial of Geeks Toy Here Now