Betfred and Totesport’s Double Delight and Hat-Trick Heaven offer is one of the most profitable offers available in Matched Betting.

It is a fantastic source of income in the long run for a lot of people. You’ve probably seen Double Delight and Hat-Trick Heaven adverts all over the place, before the start of a match.

If you haven’t tried it before, you definitely should. It’s an excellent way to make some serious profits (with limited risk).

To make your life easier, we’ve created this guide to Double Delight And Hat-Trick Heaven. There are some very helpful tips included!

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What is Double Delight & Hat-Trick Heaven?

The concept is simple. Bet on the First Goalscorer market for a selected football match. If your player scores first and scores another goal in the match your winnings are doubled. If they score a hat-trick, your winnings are trebled. Betfred pay this out as cash immediately after the match.

Your player does not have to score the goals one after the other. A player can score first, both teams score several times, and if he scores another at the 93rd minute the offer still pays out.

Own goals do not count for this offer. If we had three own goals and then Aguero scored, for example, the First Goalscorer would be Aguero.

If the player you’ve selected doesn’t start and is not on the bench, your bet will be voided (both back and lay). If they are on the bench but are not played, or are played after the first goal (aside from own goals), your bet will also be voided (both back and lay). Unfortunately, if they are played and nobody has scored first (aside from own goals), even for two minutes and gets injured then bets will stand.

How Much Can You Win With Double Delight Hat-Trick Heaven?

You can make some huge profits with this offer. Your winnings are doubled and tripled so of course, the profits available are huge!

Let’s look at an example:

If Betfred priced Aguero First Goalscorer at 4.0 and you bet £100 on him:

  • If he scored first, you’d receive £300 in winnings and your £100 stake back.
  • If he scored first, then another, you hit Double Delight and receive £600 in winnings and your £100 stake back…
  • If he scored first, then another two goals, you hit Hat-Trick Heaven and receive £900 in winnings and your £100 stake back.

As you can see, we are just doubling or trebling the winnings. It’s easy to understand. As you can imagine this can result in some very big wins. The key to the offer is finding a good match in order that you average out to a profit in the long run. To do this you can use the Profit Rush Price Matcher to make it easy to find.

Obviously this is a Matched Betting viewpoint – but you must lay the original First Goalscorer bet off. Since the potential payout is so high we can live with a reasonable loss if the offer doesn’t hit. For example, the player does not score first, or scores first but no further goals. It can still be profitable in the long run.

How Much Should I Be Willing to Lose?

The recommended maximum loss you should be taking per bet is 20% of your stake. However, this figure is quite high so you have to be careful with this. You have to use the Profit Rush Price Matcher and pick wisely.

In the Aguero example above if the lay odds were 5.0 with 0% commission, you can see from Profit Rush’s calculator that you’d expect a 20% loss:

Profit Rush Bet Calculator

This would, therefore, be a worthwhile Double Delight & Hat-Trick Heaven bet. Working through the Aguero example again, only laying off:

  • If he scored first, you’d make £300 winnings from Betfred, but have to pay out £320 on the lay, resulting in a £20 loss.
  • If he scored first, then another, you’d make £600 winnings from Betfred, payout £320 on the lay, resulting in £280 profit.
  • If he scored first, then another two goals, you’d make £900 winnings from Betfred, payout £320 on the lay, resulting in £580 profit.

The First Goalscorer lay market tends to be very thin up until around a couple of hours before kick-off. Don’t expect to be able to lay off the bet until then most of the time. However, with big matches and well-known players you can sometimes find a good match much earlier, keep an eye out!

The Best Tips for Double Delight Hat-Trick Heaven:

1 – You can double up your bets by betting at both Betfred and Totesport. They are the same company. However, both sites will allow you to bet up to your maximum stake size effectively doubling your available stake. Stake restrictions and gubbings on one account will be applied to the other shortly afterwards, however.

2 – Keep an eye out for team news. Typically provided one hour before kick-off. Sometimes you can see significant steam (odds reducing quickly) in the lay market depending on team selection. For example, if a team has two main strikers (think Lacazette and Aubameyang at Arsenal last season) and only one of the two starts you can often obtain an excellent match.

3 – This offer can be a colossal tease. A lot of experienced matched bettors prefer to underlay the bet so if the player scores first but no further goals you end up with £0 return rather than making a loss. In the long-run, this evens out to laying off in the usual way but psychologically it makes all the difference.

4 – Betfred is very aggressive at cutting odds if the lay market steams. If you see odds in your favour after team news, act fast and bet. You often see cuts within 5-10 minutes of this happening, sometimes faster. If odds look good the day before a match, it is well worth getting the bet in place then and there. Betfred often cut on the following morning.

5 – Betfred offers DD/HH in its betting shops also. When they cut online there is typically a delay of 10-20 minutes before they cut in shops. However, this is coming down all the time. Shop cuts used to be rare but are now standard, unfortunately. If you were unable to get a bet online with a steaming lay market, rushing to the shop can be a very good idea. On occasion this can be hugely profitable – bets can become arbs under the right circumstances.

6 – Shops typically allow higher stakes than online. Some of the larger London shops offer up to £500 stakes. These limits will vary according to the policies applied at your local shop.

7 – Timing is everything. You can choose to delay your lay until closer to the off, and incredible changes in price can be witnessed. However, this can go both ways with horrendous drifts (odds increasing rapidly) occurring in the lay market. Be very careful as to how you time your bets if you choose to delay your lay.

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