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    Hi all

    Sorry if this has been or should be posted somewhere else but I was trying to use Smarkets or Betdaq to lay some of the qualifying and free follow up bets. But, can anyone  explain why, when using the matchfinder on Betfair (as I have been doing) at the end of each offer row there is the button you click to move onto the calculator. But when I change the exchange to Betdaq or Smarkets there is a figure but no button to take me to the on any of the rows?  Basically when you punch the numbers in the calculator to find a list of events/races/matches etc and you see the list of results as a table that you can scroll down and choose a suitable one to lay on, at the end of each entry is a square icon type box with Betfair on all rows. With the other 2 exchanges I have tried there is not. So I can’t click through to the calculator for the lay bet stake. Am I doing something wrong or just missing the plot???

    On another note I have virtually finished all the x, y offers so am nervously about to start some more complicated ones – does anyone recommend a basic betting / understanding jargon book (I like to read to learn)  to get me up to speed with this new language (to me lol). I have Caan’s book and a small basic amazon book on match betting but I really need to get my basic skills up in order to make the most of this amazing  product.

    Thanks again Diane (Andia)

    PR Support

    Hi Andia,

    It’s because there is Betfair integration with the Betfair matches meaning you can place your lay bets directly from the profit rush site.

    If you take a look at the first set of video tutorials there is a Betfair integration video that covers this.



    was jsut about to say the same thing, should have read up earlier – thanks


    Just checking in on this, maybe we need to make it more obvious? Or make it clearer to users on login/sign-up that such videos exist?

    Keen to improve this as it’s an easy one for us.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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