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    A little wisdom that you may or may not choose to accept… depending on your goals and situation.

    It’s well documented all over the web, should you look. But daily routine is the biggest contributor to your own success (or failure) in whatever you do. For us as matched bettors, it couldn’t be more important – it really couldn’t. The opportunity is now, embrace it with both hands!

    A habit is a habit, good or bad. When you think about it, your daily habits shape and outcome your entire week, month and life. The better or worse they are, the more the overall outcome is amplified. Matched betting results included…

    With that in mind. Is it time to have a re-think?

    1 – Action Over Perfection

    Without making the conscious effort, the other 4 points mean nothing. Perfection and efficiency have their place, but leave that kind of stuff software and the like. Commit to making a difference, taking action and making it happen. In my life, I’ve experienced many different things, from many different levels of people. One thing remains; take action. There is no better time than now, forget tomorrow, or thinking it through too much. Sure, mistakes will be made along the way – and maybe a couple more from being like this. But by grabbing the task by the kahuna’s and cracking on you’ll achieve way more, even in the face of ‘unforced errors’.

    2 – The Obvious Secret: Repetition

    The most obvious of all, yet many fail to do it. Saying and doing something are two different things, repetition (of good things) is the key to achievement. Don’t stop, don’t give up, find what works – rinse and repeat. Over and over. Sad to say, but many give up before they’ve even started – defeating themselves in the process. My suggestion would be to make a daily matched betting habit, a rule. By doing so you’re more aware if you are behind on your dreams.

    3 – Record & Refine

    Storming ahead all guns blazing is fine, I certainly won’t try to slow you down. But do it methodically, make use of the tools on offer and keep a proper record. Some will find their niche in different areas, if you tend to find a certain style of offer easier, have a different bankroll or know what you enjoy. Record it, refine it, and squeeze it for every bean available. The longest matched bettors will tell you the same; find the shortest path to success and then apply point #2 until there’s not a sausage left. Keeping good records will make it easier to spot weaknesses and strengths.

    4 – Don’t Multi-task

    What?! I hear you say. Maybe more so the fairer sex amongst you. It’s no secret the ladies are better at multi-tasking, but focus on the task in hand. Get it done, when matched betting on multiple events in one day it’ll pay its own dividend. There’s nothing worse than having too much going on at one time, leaving a bet where you shouldn’t – to then be stung for the lack of focus.

    5 – Don’t Stop Learning…

    It’s a never-ending investment. Don’t stop learning, keep on the crest of the wave, ahead of the curve. Allocate a little time to learning more and more every day if you can. Sure it’s time-consuming at points, but that one time you pick up on the right thing can change everything. Much like most people before they find matched betting as a side income. Knowledge is power…


    Of course, you may think we’re stating the obvious here, and to some we are. But our objective is to help everyone out – if this forum post helps just one person have a realisation, improving their life in the process, it’ll be worth it!

    With the 5 points mentioned, here’s a shortlist of suggestions to enhance your matched betting income:

    1. Make a conscious decision, right now. To proceed and re-form a few habits rather than ‘think it through’… as Nike would say, “just do it”.
    2. Commit to the routine, much like setting a new one. Sign that imaginary cheque to yourself – for it to work, you must repeat. Example: I will one new account every morning.
    3. Get the profit tracer tool fired up, save it. Following the previous point; Example: Every bet will be recorded (good or bad).
    4. Cut out the unnecessary elements. Example: I will open the account, complete the bet and record the action before opening another browser window, account, Facebook or whatever else.
    5. Allocate a small window of time to learning each day. Example: Once I put the kids to bed I will spend 30 mins – 1 hour assessing the next days offers, course modules, or reading the forum.

    All in, them 5 points are just a small tweak to the day that will make a big impact over a month! If you’re hardcore, you may want to make them more profound and that’s entirely up to you. But the only way to make sure you don’t get the same is to keep the same habits!

    Add your own insights, observation and daily routines below.


    Great advice thanks for sharing. I find going to bed earlier than I would normally choose makes a big difference to my motivation and mood for the day.

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