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    Rachel the Idiot

    Sorry this is my first post, I’m not great with communication ATM.

    I had a decent bank for matched betting, especially for trying things like extra places and 2up. I succumbed to a slots addiction.. I lost most of my bank, like almost the lot. That bloody Raging Rhino game did the most damage recently.. I played some bad slots like Eye of Horus.. these 2 are brutal but I suppose that is besides the point.

    Basically, what do I do now to rebuild, apart from keeping away from slot games.  It seems true matched betting is on the decline in terms of offer values and conditions.. has anyone else been in this situation of needing to rebuild a bank for whatever reason.

    I have about £600 to work with, opened many good accounts so far, mostly ungubbed but don’t get all offers on them.  Skybet have gubbed me.. that one hurts.. also MoPlay, Genting and semi-gubbed on Betway. Any ideas of the best way forward from here?

    Sorry for the length of this post, I could say more but I don’t want to take up too much room with my wailing LOL


    Hi Rachel,

    Sorry to hear about your loss. You should totally avoid slots in the future. A bank of £600 is still more than big enough to come back and there are some good offers on at the moment. Check the calendar, I’ve seen plenty of good ones this week!

    Best of luck for the future.


    The Smarkets one Bunny mentioned on another thread is worth £100 free bets so there is a start.

    I would avoid slots at all cost unless it is a straight ‘here is 20 free spins’. By all means, spin them away to your heart’s content, but don’t spin at number 21… I know this is what they try to get users to do.

    Rachel the Idiot

    Yeah I need to be VERY careful with slots offers.. I won’t have a problem with any EV+ offers involving blackjack and roulette.. it makes no sense because it’s all an RNG with animations.. but it’s only slots which can draw me in ..  Am doing the Smarkets offer starting with the 2 games tonight.. really happy to see an unexpected high value offer appear from somewhere. Thanks to Stephen and Caan for the support


    First thing I’d say is that you’re not the only one to have had a nightmare, been there myself.  Use the experience positively to prevent it happening again.

    I’ve had plenty of ongoing offers from Novibet who twice a week are giving me bet £100 for a £25 free bet.  I can’t remember what their sign up offer is but for ongoing offers they’re definitely the best I’ve experienced.  I was gubbed on Bet365 and Skybet before I even knew what matched betting or arbing was.  This happened as I was given tips on a horse to bet on that the tipster reckoned the odds would drop dramatically therefore allowing to cash out for a significant profit before the race even ran.  If I’d known I’d have been gubbed or that I could lay on an exchange, the gubbing might not have happened.  Although I’m sure I’d have been gubbed eventually for something else anyway.

    Chin up, stay positive and no matter what, DON’T CHASE THE LOSSES!!!

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