New Ladbrokes Exchange? is it any good?

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    I have just found out ladbrokes have an exchange now. I have been betting a long time but didnt think they would have one too maybe exchanges will be the future! Has anyone used ladbrokes exchange and was it any good?

    I dont think they will give another startup bonus because its one brand but was sitting thinking about it and do you think they will gubb you faster if they know you are laying using their exchange? maybe this is why ladbrokes has got an exchange? what does everyone think?




    Hey Caz,

    Ladbrokes exchange isn’t actually new, Ladbrokes bought Betdaq back in 2013. It’s a bit of a shame but they don’t seem to have done much with it just yet…

    When it first happened many were quite optimistic, thinking they would give Betfair some competition but that doesn’t seem to have happened on a massive scale. Betdaq has improved quite a lot since though so it could be due to additional funding.

    When you place a bet on Ladbrokes exchange it is actually going onto Betdaq, there’s just a nice red skin sat on the front end looking like a separate exchange!



    PR Support

    As far as we know, Ladbrokes Exchange is completely seperate from the sportsbook. It’s unlikely they will be trying to assess matched betting accounts from exchange use to restrict on the sportsbook!

    This could happen although it’s unlikely to be a priority in our opinion.

    You may want to avoid matched betting between Ladbrokes sportsbook and Ladbrokes Exchange though!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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