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    I have a bet on Bet365 and cashing out isn’t available. I can’t understand for the life of me why there is no cash out option?

    Please help because I will have a profit I can’t get my hands on! So frustrating!!!

    Izzy x

    PR Support

    Could you tell us a little more information about the bet? what is the bet on?

    If you have an available balance in your exchange account (to cover the liability) we would advise using the profit rush calculator to calculate your hedge figure.

    To do this, select the calculator in NORMAL mode, input your original bet credentials:

    • Stake
    • Bet365 back odds

    Then input the current exchange lay odds and commission. Using the ‘you could lay’ figure to cash-out your Bet365 betting position on the exchange.

    Doing this is also likely to result in more profit for you as the exchange will offer better lay odds.

    I have added an image below to help you understand this instruction.


    Assuming you can’t cash out on Bet365 at a price of 5.0 (6/1) and we are using Betfair exchange at 2% commission, with a current exchange price of 4.1.

    example of when bet365 cant cashout solution


    Good response from support there.

    To add, it’s likely because the betting market on Bet365 is quite obscure? or possibly suspended?

    Sometimes when the event isn’t particularly popular they won’t offer the cash-out function. As support has quite rightly said; you’ll get a better value deal by cashing out your bet on an exchange anyway :).


    In my experience with Bet365 the reasons why you can’t cash out are:

    Market suspended.

    Market pulled down.

    They have switched off cash out. (They can do this!)

    Anyone have experience with other reasons? Lost my account there over a year ago now.


    Bet365 cash out is terrible value don’t do it! I have had bets before where the price has moved a whole point and they would only let me cash out at £0.00 return. If the cash out was unavailable it probably did you a favour!!!

    Daily Sport

    That’s insane Grant. What type of market did that happen to you on?

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