Watching content is sometimes easier than reading it. Examples and explanation can appear a lot clearer!

This is why we have a dedicated video course section for our users. However, we’re not stopping there alone, Profit Rush now has a registered YouTube Channel.

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Matched Betting Videos:

What can you expect to see on our YouTube channel?

Matched Betting video explanations and on-screen recordings just like this…

Profit Rush YouTube Videos

It’s early days so you can expect to see more content uploaded in the coming months. So far we’ve covered the essentials like lay betting, account verification and the 2up calculator.

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YouTube Suggestions:

We’re also open to suggestions for the YouTube channel from you, the users.

If you would like to let us know about the sort of content you would like to see on our YouTube Channel, please feel free to post it up in the relevant community forum section.

Initial suggestions include:

  • Matched Betting examples (start to finish)
  • Tutorials around our tools and features
  • Basic FAQ help
  • Advanced Matched Betting strategy

We look forward to hearing from you soon…

Thank you,
Profit Rush Team.

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