The Matched Betting world is meaningless compared to what we are facing with the Coronavirus.

However, with many of you staying safe at home, it’s worth highlighting the likely scenario’s around what’s going to happen with Matched Betting during the global pandemic.

The Sporting World is grinding to a halt, but there are still some sports going ahead and bookmakers still need to make money. Let’s look at what could possibly happen over the next few weeks and what you should be looking for when you’re at home.

Be ready for…

More Casino Offers

With the Sporting World almost stopping and surely more lockdowns to come, betting firms will almost certainly turn to their casino product to try and raise some income. To do this, they will more than likely offer bigger bonuses. Think of all the offers we seen during the Cheltenham Festival – this will likely come on casino action now.

If you’ve never tried casino offers before, fully research before you do. Many of them will have rollover T&C’s and not all of them will be good opportunities to make money. At Profit Rush, we first aimed to stay away from putting casino offers on the Calendar, however, with the Coronavirus impacting sports so badly we will look to offer the best casino options on the calendar going forward, but only the best ones.

Horse Racing Is Still Going

The UK and Boris Johnson have gone on a totally different direction to the rest of Europe on the Coronavirus. This means that as it stands, Racing in the UK is still on. Ireland has gone behind closed doors until the 29th of March at the earliest, so we can possibly rely on that staying the same. It’s likely given that horse racing is an outdoor sport and they can limit the number of grooms needed that horse racing can continue behind closed doors.

With this in mind, we’re likely to see a huge switch from football offers to horse racing offers within the next week. Remember bookmakers are just like any other business – most of their staff get the weekend off. From today on, we should see a big increase in horse racing offers.

You should also be on the lookout to play Extra Place offers in the coming days too. Use the Profit Rush Price Matcher as much as possible.

Greyhound Offers

Greyhound racing is another sport that can continue behind closed doors. In fact, the bags usually have nobody there anyway! Betfred has a popular Bet £30 Get £10 offer on greyhounds that they do weekly and you should begin to see plenty more of these types of offers.

Remember liquidity on the exchanges doesn’t improve until five to three minutes before the off. These offers are difficult from that point of view – you have to act fast. If you haven’t got experience with these offers, take your time learning.

Non-League UK & Other Football

As it stands, non-league football went ahead in the UK at the weekend. It’s likely this caught most betting firms off guard, but expect to see some offers on this going forward if it continues. Not many people will know anything about non-league football, but if it’s one of the last remaining sports you should see the action pick up! You’ll see other leagues taking place – Turkish football went ahead too for example and we should see increased offers and perhaps liquidity on Betfair too.

Sign-Up offers

If you’re new to Matched Betting, you can use this time to work your way through the sign-up offers from the Profit Rush Offer Vault. With the limited sport on it will take longer than usual, but if you’re at home you might as well do them! Use the Profit Rush Price Matcher and work your way through each day.

Even for the experienced Matched Bettor, you may find some new firms that you can sign up with. To be honest, if you had any mates bored at home – wouldn’t this be the first thing to tell them? The economy is in for a big shock, it might be nice to make an extra £500 this month while at home.

The Sporting World faces an uncertain few months ahead, but Matched Betting won’t stop. It will just change. We’ll see new offers, different offers and different sports to focus on. We’ll do our best to update the blog with some new step-by-step guides for new offers and add the best Casino offers to the calendar. If you have anything else you’d like to see, please do leave a comment.

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