The Greyhound markets are booming as they continue behind closed doors with plenty of action and Betfred’s Bet £30 Get £10 on Greyhounds is available on Thursday and Friday!

Note that the Betfred Greyhound Free Bet Club is marked as a hard offer on the calendar. That is because of two things; 1) Liquidity is poor on greyhounds on the exchanges until five minutes before the off, and 2) you will need to find your own matches manually because of the lack of prices with bookmakers until closer to the off. Once you are aware of those two things you should be ok.

Key Terms;

  • You have to place three £10 bets on greyhounds over Thursday the 29th and Friday the 30th of October
  • After you place the three £10 bets, you get a £10 free bet.
  • The minimum odds on this offer is 1.5

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What You Need:

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That’s all you need to get started, it’s simple! Let’s go through the steps so you can get the most money.

Step 1 – Place our qualifying bets:

As we have highlighted above, you need to find your own matches. There’s a greyhound race less than every five minutes so you won’t need long. As liquidity only picks up five minutes before the off of each race; you have to be quick. 

Because of this, you will actually get some very good matches. Because the bookmaker prices may be slightly behind the exchange. It will be common to back and lay the same prices.

For step 1, you need to find three £10 bets and lay them off on the exchanges. For this we’re going to give you an example;

  • First bet: Back Greyhound A at 2.0 with Betfred and lay 2.04 on Betfair.
  • Second bet: Back Greyhound B at 2.5 with Betfred and lay 2.56 on Betfair.
  • Third bet: Back Greyhound C at 1.8 with Betfred and lay 1.82 on Betfair.

To get the correct lay stakes, use the Profit Rush Bet Calculator. An example of the correct screen would look like this:

The above example will cost us £0.30 for our first bet, £0.36 for our second bet and £0.20 for our third bet. That’s a very low qualifying cost. The total is £0.86. You might say the example has three very close matches but remember, you have two days to find three good matches and there’s so much greyhound racing to choose from. Don’t panic because the markets move fast; wait for the right opportunities. 

Step 2 – Profiting from our Free Bet:

After you’ve placed your three £10 bets with Betfred over Thursday and Friday, you get a £10 free bet on Saturday and it’s valid for seven days. 

You have seven days to find a very good match, so we’re going to use a close match as an example. Have a play around with the Profit Rush Bet Calculator and see what your target prices should be.

Note that the bigger the prices on greyhound racing, it usually means they aren’t a good match. We can sometimes see 10.0 with bookmakers and 20.0 with exchanges. We suggest aiming for odds between 6.0 and 7.0 with the bookmaker, and try for a match at 6.2 or 7.2 to lay on exchanges. You have seven days to find one!

It’s very important when using the calculator for the free bet that you select FREE BET (SNR) as the Bet Type. Your screen will look like this:

As you can see, you would have made £8.17 from the £10 free bet. With a cost of £0.86 to set up that leaves us with a profit of £7.31 from this offer. 

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