Betfair just announced an exciting new development for Profit Rush members. You’re now able to select a bespoke Betfair rewards plan to suit your needs…

This is a big deal. Why? because Betfair is the largest and most fluid betting exchange. Getting your lay bets matched will always be a lot easier when there is significant volume available!

There are 3 different options available so choose carefully, the best option for you could vary depending on the level of activity.

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To select your plan:

Visit > Account > Promotions & Rewards > My Betfair Rewards > Select

But before you do, make sure you read the next section of this article. You may find that, depending on your betting activity, a different plan suits you to others.

Rewards Plan Options (3)

Here are the key points you should consider when selecting:

Option 1: Rewards+

To recreational punters, this option may look attractive. However, you should carefully consider if its for you. At 8% commission that’s going to take a large chunk out of any winnings when placing your matched bets. The potential upside is the extra free bonuses available.

To us, this is the least attractive option. Unless you are betting a low volume to claim the bonuses whilst not paying large amounts of commission its likely to be worst overall. The 10% rebate option is interesting, although it’s largely a gamble because you can’t guarantee the exchange bets will lose. This option could appeal to somebody who uses Betfair a few times a month.

Option 2: Rewards

Those who don’t select one of the three options will be enrolled into option two by the end of the month, at 5% there’s very little difference to the existing commission structure. For some, this may work out.

From our point of view, it’s better than option one but isn’t the most attractive overall. Similar to previous comments, if you don’t use Betfair regularly those extra bonuses could be useful.

Option 3: Basic

This is the one you’ll find all the die-hard users ranting about. 2% has historically been the lowest flat rate of commission around. However, that usually goes hand-in-hand with poor liquidity exchanges. Not any more!

It’s our view that this is the best option for anyone who is as serious exchange user, be it matched betting or trading. Over the course of a month commission soon adds up, the difference between 8% and 2% is huge. For anyone playing 2up offers or rolling over bonuses, it’s the choice to make.

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