One month since the launch of and the improvements are underway…

With a few thousand users already, there’s been a lot of suggestions and demands (we’re keen to hear them all). If you have a suggestion, please submit it via the relevant section on the community forum.

One of the first serious suggestions to emerge was regarding filterable results. Seasoned matched bettors were telling us the price matcher‘s results needed more options for filtering. Here’s what we’ve done:

How to Filter the Best Results: 

There were several reasons this added functionality would be of use:

  • Ease in finding featured offers (such as a specific race time)
  • Maximum efficiency between the back and lay odds
  • Targetting the ideal odds ranges for your offer

First, it’s important to say; you can set the overall results for filtering via the matcher’s panel. However, now you can quickly sort results in ascending or descending order (see below).

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Filtered matching results

We know, we know… there also needs to be an SNR column too. We’ll be adding that shortly.

Filtering by Date:how to filter results by day

After pre-selecting your matched betting criteria you’ll be presented with a large range of potential matches, sometimes there are thousands.

We would advise cutting that down to a specific day first, using the date filter on the top right of results pannel. However, even then there can be several pages to choose from!

This is where the ‘date’ filter column comes into play. Simply tap the arrow icon, up or down and results will be presented in date/time order. Really simple if you’re looking for a specific starting time (for example Bet 365’s featured race offer).

Filtering by Rating:

Next, we have the quality ratings, a score compiled by us to show you which matches are the most efficient. It’s extremely easy to use and results are automatically presented in order of efficiency (highest score first).

Several have commented that it would be nice to have an SNR column too (it’s on our list). Again, much like the date, you just have to click the drop arrow to re-sort your results.

Filtering by Odds:

Finally, there’s now filterable functionality in the odds column. Similar to the date filtering, there are sometimes offers specific to odds.

If you’re turning one of these into cash it’s quite easy. All you have to do is use the initial filtering panel to display results within your desired range and tap the filter to bring your favourable match to the top.

For example, If you want to find a match at the price of 5/1 (6.0 in decimals).

  1. Select the odds range 6.0 – 7.0 on the filter panel
  2. Tap the arrow next to back odds
  3. Results are displayed in ascending order

It can’t get much easier than that!

Thanks for the feedback! We look forward to actioning your future suggestions.

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