For those already familiar with gubbing or who have experienced the frustration of being gubbed by a bookmaker, you know how disappointing it can be.

For those who aren’t aware, read on to learn what gubbing is and how to avoid it in the future…

If you’re matched betting, you need to know this. It’s one of the big differences between matched betting and Betfair trading.

What is Gubbing?

Gubbing refers to the act of having your betting account limited by a bookmaker. When you are gubbed, you will receive an email from the bookmaker informing you of the restrictions placed on your account. While the email won’t use the term “gubbing,” it will convey the same message through formal language.

When gubbed, you might be restricted from all promotions, which effectively ends your ability to participate in matched betting with that bookmaker. Matched betting relies heavily on promotional offers, so this limitation can be a significant setback. Alternatively, your maximum stake might be capped, preventing you from placing bets over a certain amount, such as £5.

Why Were You Gubbed?

There are several reasons why a bookmaker might gub your account, all leading to the same outcome of limited betting privileges. Obviously, they’ll blame the gambling regulator, although in reality, they abuse these checks for other reasons…

Promotional Betting Patterns

The most common reason for gubbing, especially in matched betting, is exclusively betting with promotional offers. Bookmakers monitor this behaviour closely because matched betting is a consistent method for extracting money from them, and they aim to minimize their losses by restricting such accounts.

Excessive Value Extraction

Another reason for being gubbed is consistently taking too much value from the bookmaker. If your account is highly profitable due to frequent wins and minimal losses, it will be flagged on their system. This pattern is not only common among matched bettors but also among professional gamblers. When an account consistently wins without significant losses, bookmakers are likely to impose restrictions to protect their margins.

Multi-Accounting (Gnoming)

A more severe reason for gubbing is engaging in multi-accounting, also known as gnoming. This practice involves running multiple accounts with slightly different details, often using a family member’s information. While multi-accounting is borderline illegal and not recommended, it’s a method some use to bypass betting restrictions. However, it’s easy for bookmakers to detect this through IP addresses and other tracking methods, leading to severe consequences if caught.

How to Avoid Being Gubbed

Fortunately, you can employ strategies to minimize the risk of being gubbed.

Place Mug Bets Regularly

One effective technique is placing “mug” bets. Mug bets are regular bets placed without any promotional offers, mimicking the behaviour of a typical punter. Place these bets on high-profile events, such as weekend football matches, major finals, or popular horse races. Vary the stakes between £5 and £20 to appear like a regular bettor. This approach helps your account seem less suspicious and reduces the likelihood of being flagged by bookmakers.

Use Common Sense

Another way to avoid being gubbed is by using common sense. If you continually extract large sums from a bookmaker without losing, they will likely take action. Try to balance your betting activity to avoid drawing undue attention. Occasionally placing bets that may not yield the highest return can help maintain the appearance of a regular punter. For other ways to identify the behaviour of the regular punter, check out gambling news sources and see the trends.

How to Get Ungubbed

Reversing gubbing is challenging and often requires patience. There is no set timeframe for ungubbing, and it could take anywhere from a month to six months or even longer. To expedite the process, try placing a series of mug bets regularly. This strategy aims to demonstrate to the bookmaker that you can add value to their business.

If you are banned from promotions, consistent mug betting might help prove your value as a customer, potentially leading to the reinstatement of full betting privileges. However, there are no guarantees, and it often comes down to the bookmaker’s discretion.


Gubbing is a significant concern for matched bettors and professional gamblers alike. Understanding the reasons behind it and implementing strategies to avoid it can help maintain your accounts and keep your betting activities profitable. By placing regular mug bets and balancing your betting patterns, you can reduce the risk of being gubbed and continue to benefit from matched betting offers.